Dreamscape is a first person shooter (FPS) I made for my final project in Computer Graphics class. It’s not a typical first person shooter; your goal is to collect “dream spheres” in order to escape the depths of your own mind. Read below for more info. It’s written in C++ and OpenGL and was meant to run on Windows. I’m not sure if it would run natively on Linux/UNIX, but I don’t think there’s any platform-specific code in it. I have tested it with Wine 1.1.4 on OpenSolaris though and it ran fine.

System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista, UNIX(-like) system with Wine (tested on 1.1.4).
  • Video Card: Minimum: Card w/ OpenGL 1.5+. Textures look screwy. RECOMMENDED: Card w/ OpenGL 2.1+.
  • Software Dependencies: OpenGL

The zip file contains the following in an ever-so-organized single directory: Dev-C++ project file, the source files, compilation artifacts (the object files; .o extension), the actual game file itself (Dreamscape.exe), and all the textures. Just unzip it somewhere and click Dreamscape.exe to run it. If you’re under Linux/UNIX use

wine Dreamscape.exe

to run it, unless you want to try compiling it yourself.

And of course, giving credit where credit is due: The game uses some code from my teacher’s examples, available at the bottom of this page. I would say what those exact pieces of code are, but I don’t really remember. It’s mostly the initialization of the GLUT game mode, the skeleton for the main class, and collision detection related things.

How to Play:
1. WASD moves you around in 3D space. Use the mouse to look around. The catch is you only have a limited amount of movement, represented by your Dreamshift bar up top.
2. Hold the left mouse button to fire your gun.
3. Hit the floating objects with your gun (you need to LEAD your shots!) to get points and pull yourself towards the object. This is your prime method of movement.
4. Collect the dreamspheres (they’re pretty easy to spot.) to win the game. You need to collect 6.
5. Collecting a dreamsphere gives you a large chunk of dreamshift and 1000 points.
6. If you run out of points, you die!
7. Press Q to quit the game.

Download: Zip file