cPHP is a small side project that grew out of ideas for MetaDesktop. It stands for “client-side PHP.” The basic idea is to write an interpreter for PHP in Javascript. The eventual goal of the project is to be MetaDesktop’s eyeOS compatibility layer. As a side effect, this will also function as a PHP interpreter that doesn’t require a web server with PHP installed.

The entire scope of this project is extremely large and lofty; whether I’ll ever finish it I have no idea. It’s mainly an exploration in writing a programming language parser and using JavaScript to handle the hard parts of that task (i.e. error checking and actual execution of code).

This project is not ready for an online demo. However, the code is available for download. This is an extremely alpha release, and it has many problems.

cPHP (Gzipped tarball)
cPHP (Zip file)