Google Wave Development

I recently got ahold of a Google Wave account and started experimenting with development. My first foray into Wave development was with a bot. I made a simple group management bot (it’s not actually complete yet). Currently, Wave does not have any functionality for managing groups of users. While that will change in the near future, the immediate situation required a simple group management system. Users can add themselves to the community bot, and then they will immediately be subscribed to the community’s waves. Yes, there are bots that do this and are a bit more genericized to allow for multiple groups in one bot. I did it for the learning experience. The bot itself was not that hard to code. It’s not very big–having only four source files. It was learning the API, the way the Wave robot client library works, and Google’s App Engine that took up a little bit of time.

This bot will probably become useless within a few weeks after Google implements its groups functionality, but this will work for now.