How to open mms:// links from Chrome under Ubuntu

By default, Chrome will not launch mms:// (Windows Media streaming) links under Linux. It invokes xdg-open to “launch the user’s preferred application.” Under Ubuntu, xdg-open doesn’t handle mms:// links either.

Three steps:
1. Install mplayer and your choice of frontend (smplayer, gnome-mplayer)
2. Create a desktop entry for mms links.
3. Edit a configuration file to tie it all together.

Create a file named mms.desktop in ~/.local/share/applications/:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=smplayer %u

Edit the mimeapps.list file in the same directory and add the following to the bottom of the [Default Applications] section:


After this is done, you should be able to open mms:// links from Chrome. The link will open in the application you specified in the Exec entry in the desktop file.

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