New blog:

I have created a new blog, The name is a domain hack for the word “agnosis.” If gnosis means “knowledge,” then agnosis means “no knowledge.” The word “agnostic” derives from agnosis. In this case, the name is a nod to the idea that this new blog is about discovering new things and learning new technologies. It focuses mostly on NodeJS, but will also focus on other programming languages and technologies. is built on a bunch of new and exciting technologies: Node, Redis, markdown, and cloud computing. The site is written entirely in server-side Javascript, using Express and a bunch of other NPM packages. It is hosted on the Rackspace Cloud, which allows far more control over the environment than a “traditional” web host, like the one this site runs on. It’s also a lot faster. Thermetics’ web host has always been slow for some reason. won’t replace, at least not yet. Thermetics has been around for many years, and though I never really did much with the domain except use it as personal storage, it is still high up in Google’s rankings, and has even been linked to by a few other websites. Thermetics will be a random useful tips blog for awhile longer. I may mirror posts between the two. I haven’t decided.

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