Fixing Nexenta Zones: Update

According to Comment #10 on Nexenta bug 203, some of the more glaring problems with Zones in Nexenta have been fixed in version 3.0.1. The most tedious fixes have been put in place. The only thing necessary to do now is simply dpkg-reconfigure sunwcsd once the zone is installed. I also did a reimport of sysevent.xml. It seems to be necessary (at least on my dist-upgraded system). In order to do the reconfiguring, you will need to be in maintenance mode. The zone should already have dropped into maintenance mode to begin with, so just zlogin and do the reconfigure. After that you will need to reboot the zone. Everything should then be working correctly. To get Nexenta 3.0.1, either dist-upgrade your existing system, or download the ISO from here.

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