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RingMUD Being Worked on Once More

I’ve started working on RingMUD once more. This time, I’ve hammered out a to-do list that will finally put the MUD from alpha into beta. Beta, in this case, means that the base engine system is done and that the content needs to be created. Code work would continue of course during the beta phase, but the larger focus would be on developing the XML files that describe items, player classes, and the like.

RingMUD is a MUD engine, rather than a specific MUD coded in Java. That means the content should be specified outside of the code itself. The goal is to create a D&D 3.5-based system that can be used by people to design any world they want.

Here’s a general idea of the to-do list for the MUD:
1. Modify movement code to support different zones.
2. Implement serialization/saving of player characters and the world state. (IN PROGRESS)
3. Implement defining player classes, items, etc in XML files. (IN PROGRESS)
4. Convert all code documentation to Javadoc.
5. Move many options outside the hard code into a config file.
6. Implement equals methods for various classes such as Race, Body, and BodyPart.
7. Investigate display problems that some MUD clients seem to be having.

Here’s some things that have already been done in a day:
1. Standardize client-server communication code instead of having methods scattered everywhere.
2. Rewrite and simplify code that parses outgoing data.
3. Clean up the logon session class. It was extremely hard to read previously.